Center for Land-Based Learning (CLBL)

Craig McNamara serves as the founder of The Center for Land-Based Learning (CLBL). CLBL is dedicated to creating the next generation of farmers and teaching California’s youth about the importance of agriculture and watershed conservation. Combining innovative hands-on experience with classroom learning, participants in CLBL’s many programs develop leadership skills, learn how sustainable agriculture practices contribute to a healthier ecosystem, and create connections to agricultural, environmental, and food system careers.

CLBL Mission and Vision

CLBL's mission is to inspire and motivate people of all ages, especially youth, to promote a healthy interplay between agriculture, nature and society through their own actions and as leaders in their communities.

The Center for Land-Based Learning envisions a world where there is meaningful appreciation and respect for our natural environment and for the land that produces our food and sustains our quality of life.

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CLBL Programs

  • SLEWS Program Logo

    The SLEWS Program

    The Slews Program teaches high school students about habitat restoration and protection while working on active projects on California farms and ranches.

  • FARMS Leadership Program Logo

    The FARMS Leadership Program

    The FARMS Leadership Program brings high school students to working farms and ranches, teaching them about agriculture and providing leadership and life-skill training.

  • Green Corps Program Logo

    The Green Corps Program

    The Green Corps Program offers high school and college students farm-focused internships.

  • California Farm Academy Logo

    California Farm Academy

    The California Farm Academy helps create the next generation of farmers, from agricultural production to business planning to marketing of specialty crops.

  • Caring for our Watersheds Logo

    Caring for our Watersheds

    The Caring for our Watersheds (CFW) program empowers students to imagine, develop, and create solutions in their local watersheds. The CFW is a joint program of the Center for Land-Based Learning and Agrium, Inc.

  • Farm on Putah Creek Logo

    The Farm on Putah Creek

    The Farm on Putah Creek is a 40-acre walnut farm in Winters, California which headquarters the CLBL’s statewide programs. The Farm offers a variety of educational programs to the public, as well as rents out its facilities for corporate retreats and weddings, and other events.

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