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2011 CA Small Farm Conference - Part 1

Craig talks about small farms, Solano County, sustainable agriculture, Sierra Orchards, conservation techniques, and educational programs on the farm.

2011 CA Small Farm Conference - Part 2

Craig talks more about Sierra Orchards, sustainable agriculture, conservation techniques, and educational programs on the farm.

iClip - Port Exports On The Rise

Tom Vilsack, United States Secretary of Agriculture, made a stop at the Port of Long Beach to talk California's agricultural trade surplus. With California boasting the fifth largest agriculture economy on the planet, this surplus means lots of trade through the Port of Long Beach.

Farm on Putah Creek

The Farm on Putah creek, owned by Craig and the headquarters for The Center for Land Based Learning, hosts a mix of organic walnut orchards, olive trees, and various vegetables. The Center for Land Based Learning is a nonprofit organization that teaches kids about sustainable agriculture and natural resource conservation.

California Success Stories: Sierra Orchards

Watch this video to learn more about Sierra Orchards in Winters, California--one of the early adopters of water conservation and efficiency practices featured in this report. This is the first in a series of California success stories in agricultural water use to be released by the Pacific Institute March 2010. Go to for more information.

2010 Outstanding Alumnus(a) Award

Every year the Cal Aggie Alumni Association (CAAA) recognizes the outstanding personal and professional accomplishments of UC Davis graduates at an awards ceremony. There are six awards, which each present an excellent opportunity to provide visibility to UC Davis and its alumni as we showcase our finest graduates and their accomplishments. This year the association has added a “distinguished friend” award category to recognize those extraordinary individuals who have made significant and lasting contributions to our campus. As you read on, you will find descriptions of the awards, biographies on the current recipients and a listing of previous recipients.

2007 Leopold Conservation Awards

Sand County Foundation, California Farm Bureau, and Sustainable Conservation present the finalists and winner of the 2007 Leopold Conservation Award.

The Walnut Production Process

Learn more about how walnuts are harvested with Craig at Sierra Orchards. Flash Player Only

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